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Who we are?

Founded in October 1993, UNITAG Ltd is mainly involved in the provision of General Cargo Sales & Service Agency (GSSA) for foreign airlines operating to and from Israel as well as ground cargo handling and air charter brokerage.

Since 1999 UNITAG is a member of FedAGSA - Federation of Airline General Sales Agents.

Since 2003 UNITAG is an IATA GSSA (№ 37-4 8062 3).

Our acting as GSSA has been started in October, 1993 when we became Cargo Sales Agent of LATPASS AIRLINES and AEROFLOT - RUSSIAN INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES, which were the first two ex-USSR airlines serving Israel.

Today we are proud of being well-based experienced and professional GSSA for tens of strategically aware, flexible and quality oriented air companies.

We are able to fully serve our air companies with various supporting services, including not only professional marketing and sales on the local and international market, but also supervision of loading/unloading of cargo alongside aircraft, full ground cargo handling, equipment stock-taking and so on. We are fully responsible for all cargo operations and movements in and around the airport, we know in every point of time where shipments are located, where to order a special equipment if needed, and takes responsibility to supervise the loading and offloading operations of each flight.

Our high responsibility and reliability, loyalty and payment discipline make us a high-profitable credit for air companies we work with.

Our long time experience in international commerce and transport and multilingual staff provide solid ground to the excellent reputation UNITAG has gained, being one of the most efficient air charter brokers in the Israeli market. Since 1993 we have handled hundreds of special flights to/from Israel as well as from different points to different destinations all over the world, carrying consumer goods, poultry, perishables, communication and electronic equipment, humanitarian aid etc.

Our excellent experience and expertise in the airfreight business and our know-how of specific details of local and international cargo moving, has helped us to build up excellent personal and professional relations with managers and officers of our principals – air companies, as well as to provide a high level of service to the Israeli market and keep effective working relations with local network of cargo forwarders and customs agents.

UNITAG's philosophy has always been that UNITAG will continue to grow and change but one thing will never change: every customer will always be greeted with a smile and treated with genuine concern and respect.


Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL)
Bringer Air Cargo
Bulgaria Air
Hong Kong Airlines
S7 Airlines
Silk Way West Airlines
Tandem Aero
Ural Airlines